Milkweed insulation is the perfect blend of textile ingenuity and the phenomenal benefits of natural fibre. Thanks to its lightness and its insulating properties its thermal insulation properties, milkweed insulation made from plant-based ingredients is ready for the cold weather without the need for animal or petroleum-based materials. This eco-friendly, made-in-Canada alternative is cultivating industry-wide change.

Plant-based Milkweed Insulation

Non-woven thermal insulation made from a blend of milkweed, kapok and biopolymer fibres.




Coats, gloves, sleeping bags, blankets, quilts


Milkweed and kapok fibres and a biopolymer made from cornstarch.


1,52 m (60 in) wide by 30 m (98.43 in) nominal length roll

Natural High-Performance

100% Plant-based




Made in Canada

Degradable (Industrial Compost)

From Field to Fibre

Phase 1: Opening the pods

To discover the silky fibre inside the pod, the membrane of the envelope is dried and opened in order to allow the extraction of the material.

Phase 2:
Seed separation

The seeds and fibres are gently separated to protect the structural integrity of the long fibres. This gentle operation is performed using a process created by Vegeto.

Phase 3: Blending of Fibres

The plant-based components such as milkweed and kapok plant fibres are blended and assembled with the biopolymer (PLA). 

Phase 4: Shaping

The last step is the assembly of the components resulting in a ready-to-use non-woven raw material.

Milkweed thrives on arid land and helps preserve soil.

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